Korouoma Canyon


Do you want to have a snow-filled holiday experience? Our cozy Finnish hotel Lapin Satu which is located in breathtaking Posio, Lapland invites you to spend your holiday in our comfortable rooms and enjoy your snowy vacation with us.

Korouoma Canyon is a millions of years old valley. The valley got the current shape during the ice age. At the center of Korouoma there is a gorge with high steep cliffs that offer the guests a breathtaking landscape. The view is available all year round.

Korouoma is one of the most mysterious places in Posio and one of the most popular tourist trails as well. Korouoma Canyon is also popular for climbers who are trying to conquer the 50 meter (164 ft) ice wall.

About a million years ago there was a titanic shift and ground layers separated that formed a huge canyon. Finns call this place Korouoma. The local municipality placed benches in the tourist trail, built viewing platforms and also places for campfires.

The shortest route is 3 km (1,9 mi) with the option for longer routes as well. Korouoma Canyon is 30 km (19 mi) away from our hotel.

Alpinists from all over the world come to climb the steep 50m high wall of ice.

Every autumn rain falls down on a sheer wall in Korouoma and eventually freezes in the late autumn. These gorgeous wall’s of ice can be seen throughout the entire winter season.