Riisitunturi National Park


People might ask where is a good place to go for a vacation in the winter? Undoubtedly to Lapland. You may ask why? The answer is simple – it’s incredibly beautiful here.

What isn’t there enough of in Lapland? People. The population density is 1 person per 1 square kilometer. What can we find lots of here? Snow, of course. If your city has a large amount of people and snow melts immediately or there is no snow at all, come to Posio in the winter! Here you will plunge into a new reality, get rest from big city hustle and bustle and return home with new creative ideas.

Riisitunturi National Park is a perfect place for photographers and snow lovers. The trees in the park are so densely covered with snow that they turn into fantastic snow figures. The distance between Posio and Riisitunturi is about 30 km. It is a good idea to take snowshoes or skis with you.

Our hotel provides you with snowshoes in all sizes. If you need skis, make a rental request at least a day before. We will provide suitable equipment according to the weather.