Kattavaniementie 1, Posio, Finland, +358 45 886 4588


Plunge into a fairy tale

Lapin Satu hotel is situated on the shores of a big lake 2 km away from the center of Posio.
A beautiful Lappish fairy-tale landscape, just like a scene from Hans Christian Andersen’s fairy tale.


We invite you to spend your vacation in our cozy rooms, enjoy the wonderful nature and unforgettable tourist routes.
The nearest airports are Kuusamo (59 km) and Rovaniemi (132 km).

Korouoma Canyon

Korouoma is one of the mysterious places in Posio. And one of the most popular tourist tracks as well. Korouoma Canyon is also popular among the climbers who are trying to conquer the 50 meters (164 ft) ice wall.

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Riisitunturi National Park

What isn’t there enough of in Lapland? People. The population density is 1 person per 1 square kilometer. What can we find lots of here? Snow, of course. If your city has a large amount of people and snow melts immediately or there is no snow at all, come to Posio in the winter!

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Lapin Satu Hotel is located in fabulous Lapland, Kattavaniementie 1, Posio, Finland.